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Dedrone provides an automatic, integrated and self-contained drone detection, identification and counter-measures platform to defeat drone threats and their operators 24/7


Dedrone's DroneTracker platform provides a complete airspace monitoring and managing solution through a convenient browser interface. DroneTracker allows users to readily configure multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures, and alerts for automatic, 24/7 operation. The software continuously displays real time airspace information, and detects and identifies drones using Dedrone's DroneDNA advanced analysis and pattern recognition capabilities. Defensive measures against hostile drones can be activated automatically, with security services notified as appropriate. Developed for the permanent use at:

  • Prisons
  • Industrial facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Embassies
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Private buildings

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Dedrone Extensive Features

Airspace Surveillance 24/7 DroneTracker automatically monitors airspace around the clock, reducing your manpower requirements for drone detection work. You decide which measures to implement in the event of a drone alarm.
Securing Evidence All detected drone flights are recorded on film in HD quality. You can play, download or forward the videos at any time using the user interface.
Immediate Alarm Notification DroneTracker notifies you with an alarm as soon as it detects the approach of a drone. You decide which channels you wish to be used for notification: SMS, user interface, e-mail, network (TCP/IP), SNMP or
DroneDNA Database We continuously check the specific characteristics of new drones in order to generate special drone signatures—known as DroneDNA. These signatures are stored in a central, cloud-based database and are used for drone recognition and identification purposes. All DroneTrackers are provided with regular DroneDNA updates.
Multi-Sensor Enabled DroneTracker hardware connects different sensors in an optimal way: sound and ultra sound sensors, daylight and infrared cameras as well as frequency scanners. More external sensors can be integrated into the platform via API.
Simple Configuration You can configure your DroneTracker quickly and easily with the browser-based user interface. Each sensor can be set individually to achieve optimal detection results.
Large Scale Monitoring By combining several DroneTrackers, large spaces and sites in urban areas with complex layouts can be monitored effectively. All combined DroneTrackers are connected using one user interface and are administered centrally.
Extended API Access DroneTracker can be connected to your existing security system using extended API access and existing sensors; for example, surveillance cameras can also be integrated. Additional third-party security products such as sirens, automatic blinds or jammers can also be added using API.

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