About Us

Aiviewgroup is an aerial intelligence company.

Our mission is to design, develop and operate innovative tools for better exploiting the potential of unmanned technologies. We collect, analyze and deliver informations that helps large organizations to speed up their digital transformation.

We provide specialized tools for managing large unmanned fleets and to integrate them into the aerial space. Automated inspections, smooth integration of data and reports into the existing information and workflows through our AInspection tool enable enterprises to translate aerial data into valuable business assets.

Our expertise comes from a huge operational experience in industrial inspections. We gained one of the most relevant track record in inspecting bridges, viaducts, powerlines, railways, dams and PV plants, developing new procedures and techniques for automated inspections, performing long range and remote flights on large infrastructures. We actively cooperate with Universities and Research Bodies to enlarge the possibilities and effectiveness of unmanned technologies.


UTM Projects

DIODE [D-Flight Internet of Drones Environment]

The project is part of a wider effort guided by the European Commission and it will contribute to the definition of the regulation to exploit the airspace below 150 meters.

DIODE will demonstrate how the provision of a combination of U-Space, U1, U2 and initial U3 services, built on top of D-Flight, will ensure the required level of safety for all airspace users and people on the ground, while multiple drone operators will conduct drone operations, each one pursuing its own business or recreational objectives, in all environments (including the urban one), as far as they will comply with the set of defined rules.

The project, coordinated by ENAV, is carried out by a consortium of high-profile Italian companies: Aiviewgroup, Leonardo, Telespazio, Poste Italiane, Techno sky, e-GEOS, IDS, NAIS, EuroUSC. Their effort will make Italy a front runner in the process of the development of U-Space regulations and exploitation.

Diode Project

Our Services


Best tools to fit your needs. Our experience came from more than 4000 inspections in the Transportation, Oil&Gas, Energy, Government Markets.


Land and Aerial survey for fotogrammetry, Point Clouds, 3D Models and more.


We provide emergencie services 24h x 365 days for damage search, search & rescue, disasters.


Discover our ability to transform images into GIS or CAD results. High precision, fast delivery. Cloud Service


NDVI Multispectrals, Thermographies, Machine Automation. We provide reports and data for other systems.


Training Courses for UAV Pilots, Post-elaboration Courses, Pratical course about survey, inspection and monitoring

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