About Us

Aiviewgroup, the aerial intelligence company

Our mission is to harness the potential of unmanned technologies by designing, developing and operating innovative tools to fully exploit them. Collecting, analyzing and delivering data for Enterprises, promoting and accelerating their digital transformation.

We supply tailored tools for managing large unmanned fleets, integrating them in airspace. Our AI-Inspection tool allows enterprises to translate aerial data into valuable business assets. The data and reports obtained during automated inspections are seamlessly integrated with your existing business systems and workflow.

Thanks to our in-depth background in industrial inspections, we have acquired great operational experience and expertise. Our portfolio includes inspecting bridges, viaducts, power lines, railways, dams and power plants; we have developed new procedures and techniques for automated inspections, allowing us to perform long-range and remote flights on large infrastructures. We provide assistance and collaborate with Universities and research institutes to widen the potential and the effectiveness of unmanned technologies.

Our Team

We offer the perfect combination of managerial, business, technical, research and development skills and expertise acquired by working with major national and international companies.

Our Strength

Our synergy as a group and focus on achieving goals are qualities that we pass on to our customers. This is combined to the opportunity of working closely with other global technology companies and institutions in an effort to bring innovation to the market.

Our Vision

Our outlook is extremely practical. We utilize groudbreaking technologies that combine artificial intelligence and robotics to create the best solution for our customer’s needs. We respond to inquiries with reliable, functional and efficient options based on the highest standards of quality and safety.

Management Team

Giorgio Nobby Raganelli
Field Operation manager

Daniele Spigarelli
Production Manager

Alessandro Vena
Data Analytics