Analysis Platforms,
Data capture,
Fleet and Permissions

Solutions for Enterprises

We assist companies to introduce unmanned technologies in their operation and maintenance procedures, developing the best solutions for their needs thanks to our team of experts. Fleets of drones are readily available for remote or independent flights. Manage airspace access and automatically analyse data through the AI-Crew platform; obtain automatic reports through AI-Inspection’s automatic defect recognition algorithms.


We bring Enterprises in the new space economy, supporting the introduction of unmanned technologies with strategies, processes, systems and platforms.

Our team can help you to develop innovative business strategies, identifying best practices and building practical solutions to leverage the benefits of UAS technologies.

Drone Process Integration

Unmanned technologies are part of a broader landscape, where cooperation with your existing procedures and solutions is of paramount importance.

We will identify the key points, focusing on return on investment goals and providing real solutions. Hardware and software selection, applicable regulations, coordination with relevant internal and external stakeholders, data security and system integration are the key elements of a successful solution.

UTM Services

We guide our clients in the UTM/U-Space world.

In a so quickly evolving scenario we are able to identify and select the best options for your project. AI-Crew UTM Control Centre manages the airspace access for your drone fleet, ensuring regulatory compliance all around the world and leveraging on the multidimensional opportunities of the value added UTM services.

Proof of Concepts

Turn your ideas into reality.

We help you with our expert advice, the best technologies and our sound understanding of company’s needs and rules. An expert team will validate the project assumption, investigate emerging technologies, demonstrate the financial viability of your project.

API & Starter Kit

Configurable Airspace and Analytics workflows.

AI-Inspection & AI-Crew APIs bring drone ops management to the platform your teams rely on most, reducing tools and complexity. Ensure safe operations with ground and flight training on operating procedures, safe flights in a variety of scenarios.